Let’s Talk: Having a Tough Conversation

Time: 61:35

All conversations are complicated. We each have a point of view, emotions and vested interests. We think that we are trying to get at the truth, when we are really trying to be heard.

On this CD, Dr. Mark Schneider takes you into the structure of conversations using examples from his clinical experience.

You will learn:

- Medical Communications to Avoid

- The Three Conversations Method

- Active Empathic Listening



Positive Interventions

Time: 62:51

On this CD, Dr. Schneider will take you through several effective techniques to help you form a more positive attitude.



Mastering Insomnia

Time: 44:00

This program presents behavioral and cognitive strategies for Insomnia and other sleep disorders. You will be able to apply these methods to help your patients return to their normal sleep patterns.



Relaxation for Mind and Body

Time: 40:05

Relaxation Exercises for the Body and Spirit

Contains two crafted relaxation exercises written especially for wellness, symptom management and personal enhancement in mind.

Track One uses deep muscle relaxation, breathing & imagery techniques to foster a soothing calm & inner quiet

Track Two features an active progressive muscle relaxation designed to loosen tight muscles associated with headaches, back aches & muscle strain



Understanding Pain & Pain Management

Time: 58:17

This program is designed to teach patients about pain and to help them understand that their pain is real and that they can learn to manage their chronic pain conditions. Patients and providers will both benefit from listening to this program and using the information.